Daily Diary

Effectively using and maintaining a Daily Diary will increase your chances of being successful in life, successful in applying for jobs and at interviews.

There are many benefits to using and maintaining a diary:

  • Better organisation of your time 
  • More control over your life
  • Keeping your appointments
  • Increase in your efficiency
  • Make you more effective
  • Keep a record of your achievements
  • Gain insight for improvements
  • Motivation
  • Helps you realise your goals 
  • De-clutters your mind
  • Reduces your stress levels

How to use a Daily Diary:

As the title suggests, a diary is best used regularly and should include:

A note of any appointments you have made, whether it be for that day, that week, the next month, in three months time or for any other time.

If you miss appointments, not only will you inconvenience the person who the appointment is with, you will be seen as an unorganised and unreliable person.

You need to keep a record of important events such as:

  • Jobs you applied for 
  • Jobs you didn’t get
  • Efforts made to get a job
  • Your application for any type of benefits
  • Benefit payments made to you
  • Notes on any conversations you had in conjunction with benefits. To include what was said by you and by them, particularly if it was over the phone. Remember to include the time.
  • Interviews you attended in person
  • Interviews you had on the phone

The Job Centre will usually ask you to prove you are actively seeking work. Keeping a diary, with copies of any applications, will show evidence that you are. 

When you start working again, it is important that you note the date you started and what training you have received. This is useful in updating your CV and to uncover what further training you may need at the end of your induction to enable you to succeed in your new career.


July 2016
4 Monday
Visit the Job Centre at 11am.  Got details of 5 jobs.
Drop application in to Debenhams.  Handed in to Customer Services, main till busy.
Check housing benefit has been paid into my bank.  Yes it has.
Ask in Tesco if they have got any jobs going.  They said to apply through their website.
I visited Tesco website, no vacancies in my area. It said vacancies nationwide for Tesco phone shop. Researched Tesco phone shop. Nothing in Exeter. 
Looked at the details of 5 jobs from the Job Centre. Researched my favourite in Next. Spend the rest of day creating a CV and cover letter for it. Need to hand in tomorrow.
5 Tuesday
Get Express and Echo to look for a job – Visited their website. 
Drop in application to Next. Did that. Looked around Next shop for research.
Visit Job Centre. Did that, no new jobs for me.
Looked in House of Fraser shop window. No jobs. Went into shop. Overheard about a vacancy on the Shoe Department. Asked the staff who work there. They gave me an application form. I filled this in and will create a CV and cover letter to go with it. 
6 Wednesday
Handed in application to HOF. Visited Job Centre –  No luck. Applied for a job at Waitrose on their website.
7 Thursday
Bought Express & Echo newspaper, Job at Sainsbury’s, will do a CV and cover letter for it.
Looked at other 4 jobs from Job Centre on Monday. One too far to travel, another is temporary. Other 2, not much experience but will do a CV and cover letter for them.
8 Friday
Got a call from Peacocks, inviting me for an interview next Fri at 11am for a Full-time job on the kids section. Need to spend the rest of the day researching the role and the company. Need to plan my route, what I am going to wear and prepare what to say.
Need to do a CV and cover letter tomorrow for the other 2 jobs.
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