Redundancy is a time for reflection and opportunity.

In order to see redundancy as an opportunity, you need to give yourself time to reflect on the job you had, on your current life situation and ask yourself; is something missing?

When we are involved with a job, it can be like being in an idealistic relationship, rather than a realistic relationship. That is to say; we make it fit, because we idealise it’s potential, rather than the reality of what it actually gives us. Redundancy is the perfect time to get realistic. No longer do we have to smooth over the cracks or get swallowed up in them and stuck, we are free to see our relationship with work, stripped bare; broken down and pulled apart, with no more fear or risk of losing it.

Sometimes in order to move forward with our life, we need to examine, disect, and analyse, our past experiences, for our present and future; personal development and growth.

So as painful as it may be; I want you to temporarily put yourself back in the mindset of when you were working and think how that felt to you. Try to remember what thoughts were going through your mind in regards to likes and dislikes about the job. Ask yourself:

What did I think of the job; really? Did I enjoy the job or hate it? Or just certain aspects of it?

What did I think of the hours and the location?

Was there a lot of travelling involved, or wasted hours hanging around for public transport?

What was the environment like to work in?

What were the other staff like to work with?

What were the management like to work for?

Was I being paid my worth?

If I wasn’t doing that job, what other job could I have done? Or what other job would I have wanted to do?

My guess is, upon reflection; there were more things you disliked about the job, than you first thought, or wanted to conciously admit to yourself. You felt that something was missing, not quite right; and that your passion for your work, was not being enthused as much as it could have been.

I want you to reflect about that, and move your mind back to the present. Ask yourself more questions about the type of job you would like to do and work out why you want it. Once you have worked out why, you can then start to create your plan of action as to ‘how’ you are going to get it. Then act on that plan to achieve it.

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