Interviews can be one of the most terrifying aspects of getting a new job.

It can be confusing to know:

  • What to wear
  • What to say
  • What to do
  • How to act
  • What to expect

Personal Hygiene

Do you smell? 

One of the most important first impressions when you attend a job interview, is personal hygiene.

If you look like you don’t care for yourself, not only is it off-putting for your interviewer, it indicates:

  • You don’t care about the job
  • You don’t care about working with other people
  • You are not going to take pride in your job or make an effort

It is important you clean up your act before your interview:

  • Shower or have a bath
  • Wear clean clothes, underwear and socks
  • Use deodorant
  • Clean your teeth and freshen your breath
  • If you suffer with bad dandruff, ensure it is brushed off your clothes beforehand
  • Wash your hair

Personal Appearance

  • All clothes need to be neatly ironed and stain free
  • For most interviews, it is best to play safe by wearing a formal shirt or blouse and a formal skirt or trousers
  • Keep colours as neutral as possible – Black and white or navy and white are good options
  • If you are wearing a tie, ensure it is clean, straight, unfaded and not threadbare
  • Wear shoes suited to the job for which you are applying, ensure they are polished and any laces are tied  
  • Hair should be well styled and groomed – For a customer facing role, hair should not be hanging down over your face

Preparation Is Essential To Your Success

Do Your Research

The more you can tell a prospective employer about the business you are applying for, the more you will increase your perceived value to the company for which you are applying. 

The company background

Memorise at least three facts about how the company began.  

Most interviewers will ask what you know about the company.  If you can answer them, you will look smart, professional and interested.

The job role

Analyse the job description and brainstorm how your skills would fulfil each of their criteria.

Remember to talk about these during your interview.  

You need to prove you will be a profitable addition to their business, by:

  • Growing their sales
  • Increasing their efficiency and productivity 
  • Generating new business 
  • Cutting costs


How are you going to get there?  

How long will your journey take?

It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many potential employees have not thought this through.  

Plan for all eventualities.  Being early is better than being too late.

If you are running late and turn up sweaty, you have:

  • Created a bad first impression
  • Have poor time keeping
  • Lack organisational skills
  • Let your personal hygiene and appearance suffer
  • Lost all credibility

Ask yourself, would you want to give someone a job who lacked those basic skills?

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